FUN Champs

No one is ever too young or too small to change the world!

FUN Champs is am exciting opportunity for passionate youth that provides them with support and mentorship to help turn their passion into a project that creates a positive impact on the world. Champs are paired with a mentor who they meet with generally on a weekly basis to help them create, plan and accomplish their project. Once a month all of the Champs come together to share their passions, give each other feedback and ideas, as well as to work on building skills together such as leadership or public speaking. The specifics of what the meetings will be is entirely dependent on what is relevant and important to champs and most of all, is focused on being fun!

This year the program will be running from mid January until the end of May 2018, it is open for youth between the ages of 5 and 16 and run free of cost to participants.

For more information about the 2018 FUN Champs Program please contact Dxn Stevens (pronounced Dawn) at (250) 800-1132 ext 102. 

Past champs: FUN CHamps 2016


elodie, Age 11

  • Elodie will be organizing and facilitating a Bird Day at her school, which will bring together local community partners to raise awareness and educate youth on a variety of bird species. All funds raised will go to the Ara Project.

katerina, age 14

  • Katerina will be giving those within her community who don't have the resources to camp, an opportunity of a lifetime. Katerina is in the process or organizing a camping trip that will introduce community members to the wonders of nature through a camp-out this spring.

liberte, age 9

  • Liberte is producing a creative short film to rise awareness about the red wolf. The premise of the film is based on The Parent Trap except this time, a wolf in captivity switches places with a wolf in the wild. 

FINN, age 13

  • Finn is passionate about sustainable transportation and healthy communities. He is in the process of partnering with the CRD to help encourage biking among youth in the City of Victoria.

jack, age 7

  • Jack lives just over 2 km from his elementary school in Fernwood, and has decided to walk to and from school to encourage others to do the same. He will be taking photographs along the way, and will be creating a visual storybook about his daily adventures.

saul, age 11

  • Saul is passionate about protect local animals within his community; specifically felines. Through a partnership with the Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society, Saul hopes to spread awareness and rise funds to support the protection of local felines in his neighbourhood and beyond.

VISHAV, age 10

  • Vishav loves helping others in his community, and wants to support refugees who are new to the island. Through a partnership with UVic, Vishav hopes to facilitate art and theatre-based workshops for refugees. 

emma, age 12

  • Emma is producing a creative episode series about the tapir, an endangered species. She is passionate about using humour and storytelling to engage youth on both environmental and social justice issues.

diego, age 9

  • Diego is raising awareness and funds for the crocodile, an endangered species. He has designed a mini golf structure and attended community events where participants in his mini golf set-up putt in support of the crocodile. He has an awesome logo and t-shirt design too!