FUN CAMPS: Saanich


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serious ocean fun (august 8 - August 11) $245

super senses (August 14 - 18)... (prorated)...$255

Wilderness Survival + forest fun (August 21 - 25)....$245

serious ocean FUN (August 28 - september 1)...$290


fun camps are for youth ages 6 - 16*


Although specific details will vary based on the particular theme,  camps include fun activities like hiking, exploring, tee-shirt making, fort building, building a sustainable city from recycled materials, active games, solitude and gratitude time, and coming up with a passion project that campers have a chance to share at the Friday afternoon Mini-Gala! There will also be swimming at a nearby pool one afternoon per week.
*5 year olds who have finished kindergarten or equivalent may be considered on a case by case basis.

LOCATION: Lambrick park church


HOURS: 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

wilderness survival + Forest fun

From fire making to raft building, we'll teach you skills to survive the wild world! Adventure with us into the forest and build a shelter that will withstand the elements. Return to the land and learn from the Songhees people how they lived and used that land sustainably. A trip to WildPlay Elements Park and the rock climbing wall at CARSA.

Week Highlights:

  • Wildplay Element Park
  • Rock Climbing and Slacklining
  • Traditional land use lesson @ UVIC

Build a forest fort that can keep you warm and dry, find forest food, and fend for your friends! Wilderness survival is way more fun with friends! Campers learn tons of skills, from knot-tying to signalling and many more secrets to survival success! Then we use our new skills to win cooperative games. Along the way we make friends, practice about the Golden Rule of Nature, and somewhere along the way find a silly stash of civilization's best goodies!



serious ocean FUn (8 years +)


Now's your chance to explore awesome world of the ocean around us!
In this exciting new camp we join with our friends at Rockfish Divers, the World Fisheries Trust, and the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea to become Ocean Explorers!
You get to try scuba diving in a PADI Bubblemaker (age 8+) or Discover Scuba (age 10+) session in the safety and comfort of a warm indoor pool.
This is an ocean camp like no other. Within a week, campers will experience snorkeling, scuba, and scientific study with trained, certified instructors and super fun leaders.
Scuba sessions are held in the Commonwealth Pool and adhere strictly to world-class PADI standards. Shallow ocean snorkeling in wetsuits at a nearby beach will be included when shore conditions allow at the discretion of the Divemaster.
For 8 years-old and up only.

  • Try breathing underwater using scuba gear!
  • Get up close with awesome ocean creatures at the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea
  • Learn how to safely snorkel: it’s a great way to get to know our ocean.
  • Play games, eat tasty things like seaweed snacks, and enjoy the sun and FUN!


super Senses

We humans have incredible abilities to see and hear, but in a loud, busy city or a clamouring school, we don’t always get to use our super senses. At Super Senses FUN Camp, kids get to realize that they have their own amazing powers of seeing, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

In many of this week's activities, we limit and focus sensory inputs while playing choice games that reward having super senses. We include playful “spot the difference” games with pictures and objects, and gradually play our way toward amazing nature-noticing skills and even some tech, design, and maker fun. Your child could soon be the family expert on the different kinds of gulls or be the one who can tell when a bike gear shift is slightly amiss and needing repair!

We'll create things: our very own solar ovens, fidget spinners and beach forts! We'll use those solar ovens to bake s-mores, and may want to try gentle, fascinating adventures in touching, hearing, seeing, and tasting. Yum!

There is one field trip to the Shaw Centre public aquarium, during which we use a variety of strategies to keep our senses ready to serve our purpose of having fun while exploring the world.

Super Sense camps are led by caring, skilled adults, and we aim to provide gentle transitions, plenty of visual cues, choice, and chances to feel valued and skilled, all while having tons of fun!

This camp is great for all learners including kids with high-functioning ASD or minor sensory processing issues. Contact us directly for more information. Contact (250) 891-1067

Week Highlights:

  • Making fidget spinners, plus one giant fidget spinner
  • Trip to the Shaw Center for the Salish Sea
  • Super Sensory skills games and badges
  • Visit to a community garden, local forest, and outdoor/nature time



Green super Power fun

Would you rather be flying a drone than sitting at home? Or making an underwater robot? We'll build and use some of the newest green technologies, and also get out on the water, go swimming, and explore the awesomeness of the world around us. We'll find ways to create better homes for fish, animals, and birds.  Our earth is amazing, so let's keep it healthy so we always have a place to play.

Week Highlights:

  • Green Tech, Robots, Drones, and Aerial Photography
  • Swimming / Water Play
  • Superpower Energy Hunt


Activities May be subject to change, Advanced notification will be provided.