FUN CAMPS: Sensory Camps

Sensory camps

Are you thinking about your child's options for summer? Are you looking for a summer camp that can support their needs? We at the FUN society offer summer camp programs in which all learners, including those who are high-functioning ASD and ADHD, can thrive and be successful in our safe and structured environment. Camp is probably the best way for an individual to have fun, relax, and take a break from a busy schedule. People learn best when they are having fun and moving their bodies. Regular outdoor time benefits all children's emotional, physical, and mental health. Several of our programs are designed to get ASD and ADHD children out and interacting in the natural world. Our competent camp leaders guide children to find their own unique way of expressing themselves and their passions.

At camp, it is our priority that all campers have a FUN and safe time.  Sometimes, campers will need some extra support in ensuring they are part of creating the safe and supportive environment we are striving towards. You may decide, or be requested by us, to send a Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with your campers application. This plan is meant as a way for you to communicate with the camp staff the best ways to support your camper at camp.  We find that there are often specific words or techniques that are used at home or in school that really work for individual campers, and we would like to try and use that knowledge.